Church Capital Campaign

St. Nicholas is an Orthodox Christian Mission Church in Jackson, TN. Since 2013, our worshiping community has benefited from a beautiful space, graciously made available for our use free of charge. Now our community needs to purchase our own place of worship. We hope to purchase the property we are currently located on if we can raise the money quickly enough. We need to raise a large down payment to make up the difference in the cost of the property and our bank loan. Our initial goal is to raise $125,000 by the end of 2021.


IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL. Almost ten years ago, St. Nicholas was founded as a Mission Church of the AOCA by a small group of people hungry to bring Orthodox Christianity to Jackson, TN. In 2015, we were able to bring on Father Matthew Snowden as our full-time priest. Over the years, the church has seen the richness of its parochial life deepen, and it is now a growing, multi-ethnic community with a rich liturgical life, deep pastoral care, and a strong, inter-generational, community bond. Through our St. Brigid Pantry and Little Free Pantry, we serve the poor, the hungry, and all those in need of prayer, support, and advocacy. We’re a small parish in this for the long haul. We feel a connection as a community and as part of the Jackson community. Acquiring a building of our own is a physical representation of our commitment to those bonds. It’s a big inspiration to go forward.

THE IMPORTANCE OF A BUILDING. It may seem like an obvious thing, but sometimes it’s important to state the obvious. The church building is at the heart of the congregation’s life, serving as a symbol of our unity as a spiritual community and of the good work we are called to accomplish. From this heart, the worshiping households of our community are like streams of living water issuing into the larger community to help change and save lives.

BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT MORE THAN A BUILDING. The Church has never been about buildings, but you need buildings that become temples! It’s our dream to deeply root the richness and beauty of the Orthodox Church in Jackson. A church building represents the unity we have as a community, and our commitment to stay here. It is a symbol of our goal to manifest the Kingdom of God. In fact, we ourselves are called to become temples of the living God! Finally, a church building meets the needs of our parish family and expands our work in the community.

OUR MISSION IS TO CARE FOR PEOPLE AND HELP THEM GROW IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. We made a commitment to pursue the fullness of the Church to lead us into the bosom of the Holy Orthodox Faith. In fulfilling this commitment, our goal has always been to develop and build relationships within the congregation and our community through our liturgies, ministries, fellowship groups, and outreach. All are essential to our purpose and growth. 

Meeting our $125,000 capital campaign allows us to prepare for the future while maintaining our Holy Orthodox Faith rooted in the past. We are looking to build stability for the generations to come after us who will be baptized, married and worship in this holy space.

YOU CAN BE PART OF THE MISSION This is about more than a building, but a building makes possible so many opportunities. It’s part of our story, our mission, and a movement anyone can join. Our ultimate mission is to bear witness to the life-changing love of God.

We want to tell our story. And we want you to be part of this story. 

Will you be part of this story by supporting our Fundly Campaign?