Services of Lent

Glory to God! Great Lent has begun. We do not presently have a sign-up list for services, but we are still using masks and social distancing. Most services are live streamed on youtube. Visitors are welcome! Many of the services for Lent are listed below. See all of the services on the Services of Great Lent page.

Clean Week, (March 14 - 20, 2021) 
Sunday, 10:00 AM: Divine Liturgy, and 1:00 PM: Forgiveness Vespers 
Monday, 5:30 PM: Great Compline with Great Canon
Tuesday, 5:30 PM: Great Compline with Great Canon
Wednesday, 5:30 PM: Presanctified Divine Liturgy
Thursday, 5:30 PM: Great Compline with Great Canon
Friday, 5:30 PM: Akathist Hymn
Saturday, 5:00-6:00: Confession, 6:00 Great Vespers

Weekly Lenten Services
Sunday, 10:00 AM: Divine Liturgy
Monday, 5:30 PM: Great Compline with Great Canon
Wednesday: 5:30 Presanctified Divine Liturgy
Friday, 5:30 PM: Akathist 
Saturday, 5:00-6:00: Confession, 6:00 PM: Great Vespers

Holy Week: April 25-May 2, 2021
Saturday, 9:00 AM: Divine Liturgy for Lazarus Saturday
Sunday, 10:00 AM: Divine Liturgy for Palm Sunday, 
               6:00 PM: Bridegroom Orthros
Monday, 6:00 PM: Bridegroom Orthros
Tuesday, 6:00 PM: Bridegroom Orthros
Wednesday, 6:00 PM: Holy Unction
Thursday, 9:00 AM: Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil; 
                 6:00 PM: 12 Gospels Orthros
Friday, 9:00 AM: Royal Hours of Holy Friday; 
             3:00 PM: Vespers of the Unnailing (Vigil begins); 
             6:00 PM - Lamentation Orthros
Saturday, 10:00 AM: Vesperal Liturgy & Sacrament of Holy Baptism
                10:30 PM: Paschal Services (The Saturday, 10:30 PM service is THE Easter Service! Take a nap on Saturday afternoon, bring your Easter basket to the church, and join us as we celebrate the resurrection and feast into the night!)
Pascha Sunday (May 2, 2021)1:00 PM: Agape Vespers and Picnic