Faith and Food (and Film!): The Gift of Liturgy

On June 6th, we'll have a special Faith and Food. Laura Wilson will be offering a viewing of her movie, "The Gift of Liturgy" for the Antiochian House of Studies. The movie features many of our parishioners and scenes from our liturgical celebrations. Check out the introductory video below, and come enjoy dinner and a movie with us! (Remember there are no services Wednesday, May 30!)
For some, the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church is at best a relic of the ancient world, foreign and mysterious, and at worst, irrelevant and empty. However, for those who have entered into it, Liturgy both symbolizes and reveals the kingdom of heaven. Even more, Liturgy grants the kingdom - that is communion with God - in the present moment. It transforms us into liturgical beings so that we are able to offer all of our life back to God, realizing the kingdom of Heaven in every moment, place, and circumstance.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in the making of this movie, but we're not done yet! Your participation and response to the viewing is also important for the completion of the assignment! If you will be unable to attend, the movie will be available online on June 6th also through our website and facebook page.