Theophany and House Blessings

THEOPHANY is one of the 12 great feasts, revealing the Holy Trinity to the world through the Baptism of the Lord. There are several services for the feast, including the Great Blessing of the Waters.

Friday, January 5
9 AM: Royal Hours for Theophany
5:30 PM: Divine Liturgy with Great Blessing of the Waters
(Correction. A previous announcement had different service times.) 

JANUARY IS TIME FOR HOUSE BLESSINGS! Please contact Fr. Matthew before January 6 to schedule your house blessing. All homes should be blessed before February 17th.

*Why do we do home blessings?* 
Our homes are the site of much of our spiritual struggle and labor, so we need them properly prepared for our spiritual lives. A home blessing also functions as a sort of “spiritual house cleaning” that renews our homes and washes away the accumulated spiritual dirt. Why do we do them this time of year? We bless holy water at Theophany (Jan. 6), the feast of Christ’s baptism, and then take it to all our homes for the blessing.

On Wednesday evenings we will enjoy a catered meal and a topical lesson, followed by Little Compline. This January our topic will be a 3-part series on 3 of the most significant prayers in Christianity: "The Lord's Prayer," "O Heavenly King," and 'The
Prayer of St. Ephrem."

Wednesday Schedule
5:30PM - Meal
5:45PM - Adult Education
6:45PM - Lt. Compline