Sunday, March 26, 2017

St. Mary of Egypt and the 5th Week of Lent

During the 5th Week of Lent, we remember St. Mary of Egypt and her great example of repentance. The Wednesday evening service includes the entire great canon of St. Andrew, and the reading of the life of St. Mary of Egypt. Be prepared! This is a long service, with many prostrations, but it is beautiful and worthwhile. Do your best to join us for as much of the service as you can!

The services for the remaining weeks of Lent are listed below. Find out what to expect during Holy Week with this description of the services, theology, and our parish practices.

5th Week
Wed. Mar 29 @ 6 PM: Compline with the Life of St. Mary of Egypt
Fri. Mar 31@ 6 PM: Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos
Sat. April 1 @ 6 PM: Vespers and Confession

6th Week
Sun. April 2 @ 10 AM: Divine Liturgy (Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt)
[after coffee hour: 2017 Parish General Assembly]
Wed. Apr 5 @ 6 PM: Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
Fri. Apr 7 @ 6 PM: Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos
Sat. Apr 8 @ 6 PM: Vespers and Confession

Sun. Apr 9 @ 10 AM: Divine Liturgy for Palm Sunday
               @ 6 PM: Bridegroom Orthros
Mon. Apr 10 @ 6 PM: Bridegroom Orthros
Tues. Apr 11 @ 6 PM: Bridegroom Orthros
Wed. Apr 12 @ 6 PM: Holy Unction
Thurs. Apr 13 @ 9 AM: Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil; 
               @ 6 PM: 12 Gospels Orthros
Fri Apr 14 @ 9 AM: Royal Hours of Holy Friday; 
             @ 3 PM: Vespers of the Unnailing (Vigil begins); 
             @ 6 PM - Lamentation Orthros
Sat. Apr 15 @ 10 AM: Vesperal Liturgy & Sacrament of Holy Baptism
                @ 10:30 PM: Paschal Services 
(The Saturday, 10:30 PM service is THE Easter Service! Take a nap on Saturday afternoon, bring your Easter basket to the church, and join us as we celebrate the resurrection and feast into the night!)

Sun. Apr 16 @ 1 PM: Agape Vespers and Picnic

Monday, March 20, 2017

Annunciation and the 4th Week of Lent

This past Sunday was the Sunday of the Holy Cross, marking the halfway point of Orthodox Lent. We still have 3 weeks of Lent and Holy Week before Pascha (or Easter) so please make plans to participate in the additional prayer services and almsgiving projects. 

This week we also celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation on Saturday, with a relaxation in our normal fasting discipline for fish! Join us as we celebrate this beautiful feast on Saturday with a potluck to follow. 

Services for the 4th Week of Lent
Wednesday @ 6 PM: Presanctified Divine Liturgy
Friday @ 6 PM: Vespers for the Annunciation
Saturday @ 9 AM: Orthros for Annunciation
Saturday @ 10 AM: Divine Liturgy for Annunciation
Saturday @ 6 PM: Great Vespers