Below you'll find links to our Audio Homilies, our parish movie "The Gift of Liturgy," and our photo gallery. Follow us on facebook for more photos and videos. 
    Audio Homilies with Fr. Matthew

    "The Gift of Liturgy" was produced by members of our parish to introduce you to the gift of a liturgical life. For some, the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church is at best a relic of the ancient world, foreign and mysterious or, at worst, an irrelevant and empty ritual. However, for those who enter into it, Liturgy both symbolizes and reveals the kingdom of heaven. Even more, liturgy grants the kingdom, that is communion with God, in the present moment. It transforms us into liturgical beings so that we are able to offer all of our life back to God, realizing the kingdom of Heaven in every moment, place, and circumstance.

    Photo Gallery

    Church History Audio Series