St. Brigid's Pantry and the Little Free Pantry

In 2015, our parish established St. Brigid's Food Pantry stocked with non-perishable food items available as needed. This pantry is available to anyone upon request. Please contact Fr. Matthew or the LFP FB page


In 2017, we expanded the reach of our food pantry by establishing a Little Free Pantry. It is located in the parking lot across from the mailbox, so it is always available.

The LFP is intended to address food insecurity and help develop community among our neighbors. We supply non-perishable food and toiletry items to anyone with a need, as well as after school snacks and fun treats for our neighborhood kids. We expect our LFP to adapt over time to meet the needs of our specific community. While the parish at St. Nicholas maintains the LFP, anyone is welcome to stock or take items from the pantry. In the spirit of both St. Brigid's hospitality and St. Nicholas’ secret generosity, we invite our community in Jackson to participate with us in this effort.

We installed the LFP on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016, just in time for our St. Nicholas Festival. We blessed the pantry on Sunday, January 29, just before the feast of St. Brigid. You can keep up with our progress here or on our facebook page, where we will occasionally update about the needs and contents of the LFP.

Suggested pantry needs
canned vegetables and proteins
ready to eat non-perishables
personal care items
paper goods
kid-friendly non-perishables