Holy Week and Pascha

Holy Week begins on Lazarus Saturday through the celebration of Pascha (or Easter). The Orthodox Christian Church offers special services every day during Holy Week leading us through the events in the last week of Christ's life to his death and Resurrection. We'd love for you to visit during any of these services!

Lazarus Saturday, April 16
*Divine Liturgy, 9 AM
Palm Sunday, April 17
*Divine Liturgy, 10 AM
Holy Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (April 17, 18, 19)
*Bridegroom Orthros, 6 PM
Holy Wednesday, April 20
*Holy Unction, 6 PM
Holy Thursday, April 21
*Liturgy for the Mystical Supper, 9 AM
*Passion Gospels, 6 PM
Holy Friday, April 22
*Royal Hours, 9 AM
*Vespers for the Un-nailing, 3 PM
*Lamentations, 6 PM
Holy Saturday, April 23
*Vesperal Divine Liturgy of Holy Saturday, 10 AM
Pascha Sunday, April 24
*Agape Vespers and Picnic, 1 PM

Learn more about these services: https://www.orthodoxjackson.com/p/holy-week.html