Holy Week Services

Christ is in our midst!

By God's grace, we have come to the completion of the Great and Holy forty-day Fast! Starting with tonight's service and through the weekend, we celebrate the feasts of the Raising of Lazarus and Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). Beginning Sunday night, with the first Bridegroom Orthros, we enter into Holy Week.

For all of us, this is a bitter-sweet time as we recognize the continued need to self-quarantine and remain removed from the church. May God continue to strengthen us in our prayer one for another and for the world, and give us the determination to use our circumstances as a means to fully walk with Christ through His passion.

This is the intended schedule for live-stream services. 
(For typika services, please check your email or contact Fr. Matthew.)

Friday before Lazarus Saturday:
5:30 PM: Little Compline with the Canon to Lazarus the Righteous

Palm Sunday:
10 AM - Divine Liturgy 
5 PM - 1st Bridegroom Orthros 

Holy Monday:
5 PM - 2nd Bridegroom Orthros 

Holy Tuesday:
5 PM - 3rd Bridegroom Orthros 

Holy Thursday: 
10 AM - Vesperal Divine Liturgy 
 5 PM - Passion Gospel Orthros 

Holy Friday:
9 AM - Royal Hours
2 PM - Vespers of the Unnailing
6 PM - Lamentations

Holy Saturday:
10 AM - Vesperal Divine Liturgy
10 PM - Paschal Services

May God grant us strength to walk faithfully with Our Lord to His Cross and Resurrection!