What Orthodox Christians Live By

So, you've read about the history and faith of the Orthodox Church, but what is like to actually live as an Orthodox Christian? What is the experience of living out the ancient Christian faith? Fr. Matthew presented this talk in the World Religions class at the First United Methodist Church this week.  Listen below!
"The saints are saintly because they knew Christ. Because they had an experience of God which they lived out in every aspect of their life. Why did they live it out in every aspect of their life? It goes back to that word fullness again. Because they understood the...fullness of God's life, of virtue, can be lived out not only in Christ, but in us. That's what the Church is. The Church is the place where you can live out the fullness of that life." - Fr. Matthew

What Orthodox Christians Live By
Talk to First United Methodist Church, Jackson, TN
March 8, 2017

photo courtesy of Our Jackson Home